Unihome for Domintell
has been launched.

An application that connects Domintell Home Automation system to wireless smart home accessories. Get Unihome for Domintell and discover how seamless the control over your home is.

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Connects Wireless to Wired

A single app that controls Domintell Home System and devices that work with Apple HomeKit.

Home screen

Extends your Boundaries

Get control over your home even remotely and share it with all your family.

Room list screen

Suits Your Home

Create your own style, preferences and customize the application to your needs.

Functions screen

Groups All Your Functions

Have a quick glance of your home’s functions with smart grouping. Just a tap, and you are in control.

Thermostat screen

Works Intuitively

Enjoy the carefully crafted screens and their seamless functionality.

Saves You Time & Money

Even your Installer will love you for getting access to your Home Dashboard, to do the setup remotely.


Enjoy the free 30-days trial.
We offer simple and clear pricing with no suprises or hidden fees.

Unihome for Domintell

Includes 1 Property & 3 Devices


Lifetime License

Property Add-on

Gives more property slots


per property

Device Add-on

Gives more device slots


per 3 devices